VMWare Horizon

VMWare Horizon allows you to log into a virtual environment to obtain access to SRJC resources. It is similar to logging into an employee workstation, providing access to services like network drives, SIS, Escape, PRPP, etc. Horizon offers a secure environment to access these services from off campus.



VMWare Horizon provides remote access to the following:

  • X:Drive (Your Home Directory)
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Escape
  • PRPP


Accessing Horizon

Internet Browser

Use a browser for simple access or if you don't have the ability to install software on the computer. Select "VMWare Horizon HTML Access" at horizon.santarosa.edu.

Local client software

For the full experience, download the VMWare Horizon client, which allows for printing, multiple monitor support, and USB access. Select "Install VMWare Horizon" at horizon.santarosa.edu.

Note: Installing the VMWare Horizon Client requires administrative rights. If you do not have these permissions, please contact the system administrator of the device.

Supported Platforms

  Supported Platforms

Windows 10, macOS

Browser Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE 11, Safari