The Santa Rosa Junior College website uses a shared governance model, This means that the responsibility for the content on each of our 160+ subdomains lies with the departments and individual site admins. If you are a site admin, you are responsible for maintaining your site(s) and ensuring they are error-free and meet accessibility requirements.

To help you with this, SRJC has a subscription to Siteimprove, a web governance tool that scans each site for errors. Each subdomain on the JC site must have a contact person for Siteimprove.

Siteimprove can help you with:

  • Identifying broken links or misspellings
  • Monitoring for accessibility issues and providing recommended solutions
  • Flagging potential SEO (Search Engine Optimization) errors
  • Analytics so you can track the traffic on your site and learn more about what content gets the most visitors.
  • Informing you of any broken links and accessibility issues within online documents
  • What is Web Accessibility?

    Web accessibility is everyone's responsibility. The college has a legal responsibility to meet WCAG 2.0, Level A and Level AA (Beginner and Intermediate Standards).

    Meeting accessibility standards will optimize your site for all visitors (especially those with disabilities), increase search engine visibility, and prevent lawsuits. One in five adults now live with a disability, including visual impairments such as dyslexia and color-blindness, hearing impairments, cognitive disorders, and physical disabilities. The range and severity of these disabilities are as varied as the people affected by them. Up to 20% of internet users experience accessibility issues when using the internet. When a website has accessibility issues, up to 1 in 5 users will encounter difficulties.

    Siteimprove’s Accessibility tool will analyze your site for WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 web accessibility compliance. This will allow you to easily test for, and correct, accessibility and quality issues as they crop up.As a site admin, you are responsible for fixing only a handful of accessibility issues.

    Please be aware that automated tools like Siteimprove can only test for approximately 40% of accessibility issues on your pages. Manual testing and checking needs to be used to ensure the rest of your content is accessible. For more information please visit California Community College's Accessibility Center website and our guide to Creating Accessible Drupal Sites.

  • How do I start using Siteimprove?

    If you are the contact person for your website, and are not receiving Siteimprove reports, please contact Dana Throckmorton  in the IT Department who can add you as a Siteimprove user. You will then receive an email from Siteimprove with your login credentials, which will go into your spam or junk folder. You will need to move it into your inbox, and follow the steps to create a password. At that point, you become responsible for maintaining and updating your pages and monitoring the Siteimprove reports which you will receive in your email box on Mondays.

    The Web Team is here to help you, and you can find some good information on getting started on the Siteimprove website.

  • What are my responsibilities with Siteimprove?

    Learn how to track and fix broken links and misspellings, learn about using Siteimprove for accessibility fixes, and learn about using its analytics.

    1. Quality Assurance - fix or remove all broken links and misspellings
    2. Accessibility - repair the handful of accessibility issues that might show up in your weekly report.
    3. Check your weekly reports regularly
    4. Keep us informed if you hand over responsibility for the site to a new staff member or let us know if somebody else is already responsible for ongoing site maintenance
  • How do I get support for Siteimprove?

    Questions about Siteimprove can be answered by clicking on the Help Center and Academy button which is at the top right hand column on most pages in Siteimprove.

    You can also get help from the Web Team at any time.