The Santa Rosa Junior College website uses a shared governance model, This means that the responsibility for the content on each of our 160+ subdomains lies with the departments and individual site admins. If you are a site admin, you are responsible for maintaining your site(s) and ensuring they are error-free and meet accessibility requirements.

To help you with this, SRJC has a subscription to Siteimprove, a web governance tool that scans each site for errors. Each subdomain on the JC site must have a contact person for Siteimprove.

Siteimprove can help you with:

  • Identifying broken links or misspellings
  • Monitoring for accessibility issues and providing recommended solutions
  • Flagging potential SEO (Search Engine Optimization) errors
  • Analytics so you can track the traffic on your site and learn more about what content gets the most visitors.
  • Informing you of any broken links and accessibility issues within online documents