Drupal Department Pages Training

Note: this page only applies to staff working on Drupal Department/Group websites - if you are looking for information on how to activate and edit your Faculty/Staff site please visit the Drupal Faculty / Staff Sites page.

Some common questions:

Drupal 8 responsive grid starter code

Create an oval-crop on an image


Drupal 8 "How To" Videos:

Creating links and email links (3 minutes)

For beginners

Uploading and Linking to a document in Drupal 8 (8 minutes)



Media, Carousels, and Blocks Jun 9 2021 Training (1.5 hours)

Adding & resizing images in a page
(12 minutes)

For beginner and intermediate users

Drupal 8 Basics



How to add "padding" to an image

Helpful in Drupal 8.

Shows you how to add some spacing next to an image so the nearby text does not push right up against the image.


Questions and Answers from the May 20 2021 Training:


Drupal Department Pages training

Update - March, 2019: We are no longer holding large group Drupal 7 trainings. Instead for Drupal 8, the plan is to hold small group or individual sessions. If you are in need of training, please contact Jim Goodenough, jgoodenough@santarosa.edu / (707) 527-4536) or Leila Rand, lrand@santarosa.edu / (707) 535-3748.

Who is this training for?

The training is for Drupal content administrators and editors on how to create and maintain SRJC department, committee, or group sites.

Topics to be covered

  • Key differences between Drupal 8 and Drupal 7
    • User experience
    • Administrative experience
  • Site admin (backend) access
  • Basic content creation and editing
  • Drupal 8's handling of assets
  • Managing your sites navigation
  • Creation of blocks and their use