Launching the Horizon Client for the first time

Tue, 3/17/2020 - 3:58pm

The VMWare Horizon Client is typically installed on all District-managed employee computers. If your District-managed device does not have the client installed, please use this form to request assistance with installation.

Note:If you are using a personal device, visit VMWare Horizon page to learn more about installing the VMWare Horizon Client on your computer.

Perform these steps to begin using the client.

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Type VMWare Horizon.
  3. Select New Server.
  4. Enter
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Enter your SRJC Credentials and click Login.


After launching your first application, you may be presented with the following pop-up:

Dialog box requesting access to share files between your removable storage and local files and Horizon.

Clicking Allow will permit file sharing between the computer you are using and the Horizon environment. (recommended)

Clicking Deny will disable file sharing between the computer and Horizon.