Due to COVID-19 Campus closures, IT Help Desk services are provided remotely or by appointment only. Contact Us for scheduling or further details.
Student Printing Services are closed.

Contact Us

The best method for obtaining support:

For Employees, is through the Self-Service Hub.

For Students, submit a student support ticket.

Phone calls to the Employee IT Help Desk support line, 524-1765, will not result in immediate call-in support.

The Employee IT Help Desk is CLOSED for drop-in support. On-Site support needs to be scheduled in advanced through your Help Desk ticket.

Student Help Desk

On-Site Support: Call For Further Information

Maggini Hall, Room 2811

Submit a student support ticket

M-Th 10:00AM-5:00PM

Phone: (707) 521-6062


Employee Help Desk

Book Your Appointment through your Ticket

Bussman Hall, Room 1434

Create a Support Request

Appointments M-F

Phone: (707) 524-1765



Additional Technology Support


Distance Education

For assistance with Canvas and Online Course Support

Phone: (707) 527-4808 | Desupport@santarosa.edu

Distance Education Support

Media Services

For assistance with Zoom or Audio/Visual services

Phone: (707) 524-4261 | media@santarosa.edu

Media Services Support

Welcome and Connect Center

Assistance for New Students, Student Success, and Assessment Services

Phone: (707) 527-4410 | Firstyearpeercoach@santarosa.edu

Student Campus Technology Assistance


For assistance with Escape Online5, including account access, contact Accounting

Phone: (707) 527-4839 | Escapesupport@santarosa.edu


Employee Online Portal

For assistance with Employee Online Portal (Escape Online Portal), contact Human Resources

Phone: (707) 521-7857 | Escapeportalsupport@santarosa.edu


SARS Anywhere

For assistance with SRJC SARSAnywhere

Phone: (707) 524-1730 | sarssupport@santarosa.edu