Unable to Connect to SRJC Wireless?

Wed, 11/04/2020 - 9:41am

If you have not previously done so, please ensure you have registered your device at the Student or Employee BYOD (bring your own device) page.

If you have registered and are still unable to connect to the SRJC Wireless, then your device may have a randomized MAC/WIFI address that is interfering with the connection process.

Apple IOS14 and Android 10 (or higher) mobile devices have a new automatic wireless security feature that randomizes the WIFI or MAC address. This WIFI/MAC address is a unique identifier for each network device and is used for device verification on the SRJC Wireless.

With the randomization/private feature enabled, your device will not be able to successfully connect to our wireless network. Please visit the Disable Randomized WIFI/MAC Address page for instructions to disable this feature on your mobile device.