Disable Randomized WIFI/MAC Addess for SRJC Wireless

Apple IOS 14 (or higher) Mobile Devices

1. Navigate to Settings, WIFI, and select the (i) next to SRJC Wireless.

Image shows the selected wifi in settings wifi on IOS 14

2. Find Private Address and turn this feature off if it is enabled.

Location of the private network settings option

3. Rejoin the network if prompted.

window requesting rejoin of network to disable private network setting


Android (v10 or higher) Mobile Devices

1. Navigate to your WIFI settings and select the gear icon next to SRJC Wireless.

image showing wifi settings and gear icon for selected network

2. Locate MAC Address Type in the settings and tap it.

image showing location of MAC address type option

3. Select Phone MAC from the options and rejoin the network.

image showing how to select phone or randomized mac