Student Email Support

To receive a SRJC student email account, students must be fully matriculated by completing Assessment, Orientation, and Counseling (education plan). Visit our Admissions webpage for detailed steps and instructions to complete your matriculation process.



Student accounts provide access to the following services:

  • Student E-mail - The student email system is powered by Google Apps for Education which gives you access to the full suite of Google Apps including Apps like Google Docs and Google Calendar.
  • Student Web pages - A location to post student generated web content.


A student account must be created before the student server can be used. You'll be asked for your Student ID (SID) and your birthdate. You should have received your SID in your application welcome letter when you completed your SRJC application. If you do not have your welcome letter and have applied to SRJC, please use the SRJC student portal account recovery to retrieve your SID information

To apply, click on the "Apply for a Student Account" link above.

Note: Your birthdate is to be entered in a "yyyymmdd" format (4-digit year, followed by a 2-digit month, followed by a 2-digit day. Example: a birthdate of 9/12/1984 would be entered as 19840912.