Cisco Jabber


Cisco Jabber is available to SRJC Employees who need to make/receive phone calls remotely. To request a Jabber account, please use the Jabber Account request form.


Introduction to Cisco Jabber

The software we are using is called Cisco Jabber. This is a "softphone": a software version of a phone.

  • To utilize this software remotely, your computer must be connected to the SRJC District network via GlobalProtect VPN.
    • For those unfamiliar with a VPN (Virtual Private Network);
      • A VPN is a secure tunnel from your home network to the SRJC network via the internet. Once connect to the VPN, your home or remote computer acts as if it is on campus, utilizing the district resources.
  • If your district provided device does not have GlobalProtect VPN or Cisco Jabber installed, please visit our File Depot Folder to download and install the software.
    • This software is only authorized for use on district provided devices and approved SRJC employees.
    • To identify if you have the applications installed, use the Start Menu and search using the application's name. The application, if installed, will appear as an App that you can Open/Run


Signing In

Connect to GlobalProtect VPN with your SRJC credentials.

Windows: Open Jabber using the Start Menu and locating Cisco Jabber, or through the taskbar icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Mac: Jabber should be located in your Applications menu or in the taskbar.

First Login: Use your full SRJC E-mail credentials. Example:

  • This allows Jabber to search the network for services and setup your application based on your account.
  • Once this is complete, you will be prompted to login with your standard SRJC credentials. Example: Bsmith
  • Accept any Certificate Warning Pop-Ups. This should only occur on the 1st login.

Reminder: If you are not actively using Cisco Jabber or other Remote Tools, please disconnect from GlobalProtect VPN.


Brief Overview of Jabber

My Profile

Your profile hosts the options to set your status from: Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, or Add Custom Status

You may also customize your profile, access Settings, and Sign Out here.


This is where you can change and customize our Jabber for your personal preferences and use. The settings menu is found when you click on your profile icon or at the top right of the Jabber window, next to the minimize window button.

Recommended Settings: These settings are recommended by IT for ease of use in Jabber and improved functionality. If you wish to make additional changes outside of default or our recommendations, ensure to note the settings previously selected before applying your unique settings changes.
  • From top to bottom, check:
    • Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts.
    • Remember my open conversations
  • These settings adjust the volume and selected playback/microphone devices for use in Jabber. From top to bottom:
    • Ringer/Alerts: We recommend selected All Devices.
    • Speaker: This is the device for in-call audio.
    • Microphone: This is the device for recording your voice.
    • If you are using an external microphone or headset, verify that it is selected before making/receiving calls for the Speaker and Microphone devices.
  • It is recommended to change your call settings at the top to:
    • Never start calls with video.

This menu allows you to search the SRJC directory for employees.

  • Employees can be found using; last name, first name, or username.
  • You can find Department extensions through searching for the department name.
  • Once a contact is found, you can either chat, video, screen share or call the individual.

This menu allows you to open individual or group chat sessions with SRJC contacts.


This menu contains your assigned SRJC assigned lines, call history, and phone dialer.

  • You can answer, forward, conference, etc. the same as your desk phone. Campus dialing rules apply:
    • Local Calls: 9+Phone Number | example: 9-123-4567
    • Long Distance calls: 9+1+ Area Code+ Phone Number | example: 9-1-987-654-3210
    • Extensions for campus phones can be entered normally | example: 1234
  • During a call you can Turn Off/On your Microphone and Video
  • Hold, Transfer, Merge Calls, Create a Conference, and Park
Call Forwarding:
  • To a home, personal or another SRJC number.
    • Click on the Green Icon near available lines.
    • Select the Dropdown Menu to select a line
    • Select from available options or enter a new number to forward the selected line to
  • To remove the forward, just click the green highlighted area and the forward will be removed.

This menu is integrated with your SRJC email, showing all Outlook calendar events.


Jabber is integrated with the SRJC voicemail system, allowing you to play, delete, forward, etc. from the softphone.