Equipment Request Process

Information required prior to submitting your request

  • Funding Type, click here to view funding source information
  • If requesting a replacement
    • SRJC Property Tag Number/Tracking Tag Number
    • Date Received
  • Device being requested

Equipment Request Process

  1. User fills out and submits form.
  2. All requests are review by IT.
    • Note: Bond replacement requests should meet current ITG Guidelines. If ITG Guidelines are not met, user will be notified.
  3. A request for approval is submitted to the supervisor.
  4. IT will be notified of the supervisor's response.
    • If approved, IT will proceed with ordering/configuring equipment.
    • If denied, IT will notify user. The user will have the option to appeal the denial.
  5. IT will contact user to schedule installation.
  6. Request ticket will be closed upon delivery of equipment or cessation of request.

Funding Sources for Ordering Equipment

Bond Funded

  • No charge to your department
  • Current system must be at least 7 years old
  • Requests will be prioritized by IT using guidelines set by the Institutional Technology Group (ITG)
  • Bond funding is limited
  • ITG determines the standard specifications of the equipment
  • Typically, additional monitors are not included with a computer request; instead users will retain their current monitor
  • Requests for a Mac: Full-time faculty are eligible for Mac's (starting July 1, 2015), classified staff and administrators need to justify the use

Department or Grant Funded

  • Charged to your department via your budget code with existing approval path
  • Computers can be requested with a monitor
  • IT sometimes has recertified desktops and monitors to help lower the cost of a departmental order

Department or Grant Funding Object Codes


$0-$200$201-$500Over $500
For non-instructional use (office/administrative)-4390.00-6498.01-6492.01
For instructional use (classroom/lab)-4390.00-6497.01-6491.01



Online/Download Only

$0-$200 or under 1yr shelf life

$201+ or over 1yr shelf life

For non-instructional use (office/administrative)-5690-4342.00-6342.01
For instructional use (classroom/lab)-5690-4341.00-6431.01