December Cyber Security Monthly Newsletter!

Wed, 10/13/2021 - 9:15am

Dear SRJC Community,

Welcome to the December 2021 edition of the Cyber Security Monthly Newsletter!


This month’s theme is “As we stride purposefully into the Holidays…!”

 InCare Christmas schedule - InCare Technologies



Okay, maybe we don’t exactly “stride purposefully” into the Holidays (I tend to lurch), but a couple of tips may help make your Holidays a tiny bit less stressful…

  1. Password resets – as you know, the District will now be closed from December 20-January 2. The IT Department (notably our Help Desks) will likewise be closed for business. I know we have already been pointing you to using for resetting your passwords, and please keep doing that. If your password is anywhere close to expiring, PLEASE go to today (well, next week is okay too), and reset that password to an excellent, secure password. Having your password expire when IT is out-of-office is a bummer (even though you can go to the aforementioned link!), and I want you all to be relaxed and happy…
  2. Here’s some Holiday Help Desk Hints!
    1. Please remember, the IT Help Desk is available by appointment only, please don’t just drop by!
    2. If you do drop by anyway, you will be politely asked to make an appointment (we promise to be very polite about it, though…);
    3. We are working to improve our phone tree and capacity to answer phones – but going to the Self-Service Hub is the best way to get service;
    4. We have had instances where our Help Desk Technicians have requested that customers perform diagnostic tasks, to help solve issues, where the customer doesn’t do the diagnostic task – PLEASE help the Technicians help YOU! Your problem will get solved faster.


 To the editor: Senators a bunch of bad Santas | The Blade

Security is a team sport!


If we all work together we can protect our school, our students and ourselves.


Thank you for your attention and for your help keeping our data and personal information safe. 


And HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Mighty IT Team!


Kevin Snyder

Senior Director, Information Technology

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