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Glossary of Terms

Assigned Hardware & Available Checkout

Established Guidelines for College-owned Hardware & Software

Peripheral Devices

Appropriate Disposal of Equipment

Password Guidelines

Desktop & Network Storage Guidelines

BYOD Service & Support

SRJC Wireless Network Access


Glossary of Terms

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Refers to using a personally-owned device at the College to connect to SRJC services like email or wireless. BYOD may include several technologies; such as laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.
  • Peripheral(s): Refers to equipment connected to and used from a computer; such as a printer, scanner, monitor, keyboard, or mouse.
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII): any data that could be used to potentially identify a specific individual.
  • SRJC Network: Refers to the College’s computing environment and storage directories such as department (S: Drive) and employee storage (X: Drive).


Assigned Hardware & Available Checkout

IT maintains inventory control and asset management for all computer equipment at Santa Rosa Junior College. Computing equipment is provided to employees as needed. The Institutional Technology group, a shared governance committee, sets the standards for staff computers.

  • All requests for new machines should be submitted by the employee via the Equipment Request Form.
  • One desktop or laptop (with docking station) will be provided for each permanent full-time employee. Desktop PCs are standard issue for full-time staff, faculty and administrators. Mac desktops and laptops are available to full-time faculty and administrators only.
  • Requests for non-standard equipment (i.e., full-time staff requiring a laptop) must include justification for the request (i.e., employee travels frequently between campuses).
  • Faculty/staff who are provided a laptop will also be provided one set of cables for audio/visual connections in classrooms and conference rooms. Additional or replacement cables must be funded by departmental budgets.
  • Santa Rosa Junior College machines are replaced on a seven year basis. This process may vary on a case by case basis and IT reserves the right to modify replacement standards as needed.


Laptops and iPads are available for checkout by request for use in conference rooms, classrooms, during business travel, or as a temporary solution while an assigned computer is being serviced.

  • Laptops may be checked out on a short-term basis (maximum of two weeks). Requests for extended use must include justification. Users needing to check out a laptop should submit the request to the IT Help Desk by phone (707-524-1765) or email ( or via Equipment Checkout Request Form.
  • Faculty and staff who possess a laptop issued by IT should use their assigned equipment. Checkout laptops are reserved for those employees who do not have a laptop readily available.
  • Faculty/staff who are provided a checkout laptop will also be provided the necessary cables for audio/visual connections in classrooms and conference rooms.


Established Guidelines for College-Owned Hardware & Software

IT provides full support for computer equipment and peripherals that are owned and issued by Santa Rosa Junior College. This includes desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The following guidelines have been put in place regarding service and support:

  • IT will provide full troubleshooting and repair of College-issued hardware and software. This includes, but is not limited to, replacement of defective hardware, reinstallation of software, and reimaging of computers/laptops. IT is not responsible for data or user-defined settings stored on a machine (see Desktop & Network Storage Guidelines below).
  • Computers issued by IT come equipped with a basic image that includes the following software. All other licensed and approved software is packaged on our servers and is available for installation by request.
  • Due to changing hardware requirements, all Windows-based desktops and laptops deployed after Fall 2018 will have Windows 10 installed.

Windows Computers
Microsoft Windows 7/10 Operating System

(after Fall 2018 new systems will require 10)

Microsoft Office

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Citrix Receiver


Student Information System (SIS)

Macintosh Computers

MacOS 10.12 Sierra

Microsoft Office for Mac

Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Citrix Receiver






Peripheral Devices

IT includes necessary peripheral devices to support the general function of College-owned devices. IT does not purchase or provide support for additional peripherals, including but not limited to; external hard drives, wireless keyboards & mice, webcams, extension cables, power strips.

  • IT keeps a stock of wired keyboards, wired mice and monitor cables. Please contact the IT Help Desk if you need a replacement.
  • In the event that an IT provided adapter is lost or damaged, a replacement adapter would need to be departmentally funded.


IT provides a single monitor for College-owned workstations that do not have a built-in display. Secondary displays are available for purchase from IT using department funds.


SRJC encourages all departments to lease Multi-function printer-copier-scanners, please contact the Purchasing department for additional information. Departments that wish to purchase printers may choose from those on the IT website only. Warranty services are suggested, as IT does not provide maintenance support for printers. Printer supplies should only be purchased from the District approved printer supply vendor. In an effort to support sustainability practices, IT recommends sharing documents (PII free) electronically whenever possible.


Appropriate Disposal of Equipment

Users who have College-owned equipment in their possession that may require disposal should contact the IT Help Desk by phone (707-524-1765) or email ( A technician will schedule a time to meet with the user and pick up the equipment.

  • All equipment considered for disposal is evaluated for possible reuse or recycling (i.e., internal components or peripherals may be recouped as replacement parts).
  • Santa Rosa Junior College is only responsible for disposing of College-owned equipment. Users are responsible for properly disposing of personal-owned equipment.

Password Guidelines

SRJC employees are required to change their SRJC account password every 180 days. Account passwords need to meet the following criteria:

  • 8 or more characters in length
  • Must contain a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Must contain at least one number or symbol
  • Must not be a previously used password

IT provides SRJC employees with a Password Management Portal, allowing users to changes their passwords, even after their current password has expired. SRJC employees are encouraged to sign up and register their account via this link.


Desktop & Network Storage Guidelines

IT provides several storage locations on the SRJC Network that employees may utilize to house College related materials.

  • OneDrive is included with every SRJC employee’s email account.
  • Personal Network Storage (X:\ drive) is available to all SRJC employees.  Requests for personal network storage should be made through the X: Drive Creation request form.
  • Departmental Shared drives (S:\ drive) are available SRJC departments. Requests for access to a departmental shared drive should come from the employee’s supervisor via the Departmental Shared Drive Access request form.
  • College related documents should be stored on SRJC Network drives or the users O365 OneDrive. Network drives and O365 OneDrive are backed up for safety and security. Files stored on users local Drives like C:\My Documents, Desktop, and Downloads are not backed up and are not a safe location to store District files.
  • Users should avoid storing personal files on any SRJC issued machine or on the SRJC network. Non-licensed or illegally downloaded content is strictly prohibited.
  • IT is not responsible for data stored on a local computer or an external storage device.


BYOD Service & Support

Employees and students are welcome to connect their personal mobile devices on the SRJC wireless network on any Santa Rosa Junior College campus. IT will provide support for BYOD as it pertains to configuration and connection to the SRJC wireless network. The following guidelines have been put in place regarding service and support:

  • IT will not install software on personally-owned devices, including site-licensed software available at the College. It is the user’s responsibility to install software on personal equipment.
  • IT is not responsible for troubleshooting and repairing hardware or software on personally owned equipment. While IT personnel may be able to provide recommendations, users should defer questions and requests for technical assistance to the device vendor.
  • IT will provide configuration steps and basic troubleshooting for access to the Santa Rosa Junior College network; however, no support or repair will be provided in the event that hardware or software is the cause of a failed connection.


SRJC Wireless Network Access

SRJC Employees and students are provided several methods for connecting wirelessly to the SRJC network using a College-issued or personal device. Usage and guidelines of these services are:


SRJC Public Wireless

  • Provides open access to the internet only (no College network access allowed).
  • Personal devices are not required to have virus protection; although it is highly recommended.
  • When connected, allows access to virtual desktop environments. (Citrix)

SRJC Mobile (District Employees Only)

  • Provides open access to the internet only (no College network access allowed).
  • Does not utilize a guest portal
  • Personal devices are not required to have virus protection; although highly recommended.
  • Access to this network requires mobile device registration.

SRJC STAFF (District Devices Only)

  • Provides internet and College network access.
  • Provides secured access to the College’s network and systems.