ServiceDesk Plus

What is servicedesk plus?

ServiceDesk Plus is a comprehensive Request Management software providing service departments with a single location to manage and maintain requests throughout the District. Originally designed as an IT application, ServiceDesk Plus has been customized to fit the needs of several District service departments.


ServiceDesk Plus Ticket Flow
Participating Service Departments
  • Information Technology
  • Media Services
  • Facilities
  • Public Relations

To Log Into ServiceDesk Plus:

Enter the following information in the login fields.

  • Username: Your SRJC username (the username you use to access your SRJC email account)
  • Password: Your SRJC password (the password you use to access your SRJC email account)

Go To ServiceDesk Plus

Creating a ticket

To create a ticket:

  1. Select the request type catalog (issue or service).
  2. Locate the template* pertaining to your request and select it.
  3. Fill out the template and click 'Add Request'.

Your request will be automatically sent to the request queue for the responsible support group. Technicians of that queue will be notified of your request via email or notification through the application.

*Note: If you are unable to locate a template, click the 'New Issue' button to file a generic ticket. The IT Help Desk will help to ensure your ticket gets redirected to the proper support group.


To learn more about how to use ServiceDesk Plus, refer to this guide.