IT Purchasing

NOTE: We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the equipment request process. Over the next few weeks, you will notice several changes to this page, starting with a form that is integrated with ServiceDesk Plus, our new ticketing software.

Dell laptop

Request pricing, order equipment & check status

You may request equipment through the Bond Measure H Funds, Departmental Funds, or Grant Funds using our online form. Review the request process below and then you may login to request equipment and view your equipment request status - use your SRJC username and password.

Create a New Request Current Requests

Note: Equipment requests are handled in the order that they are received. The IT Department receives a heavy influx of requests prior to the start of a new semester, leading to potentially longer processing times.


Request Process

  1. User fills out and submits form
  2. User and supervisor will be E-mailed with a confirmation
  3. The supervisor must approve requests and is given the option to add notes
  4. All requests are then reviewed by IT
  5. Bond Measure A requests - will be reviewed by IT regularly. Tickets will be created for prioritized systems
    1. Current computer must be at least 7 years of age.
    2. The bond fund will begin funding Mac's for full-time faculty starting July 1, 2015. Until that time, Mac's can be funded with departmental funds. Classified staff and administrators must justify the use of a Mac with supervisor approval and a budget code to cover the cost difference.
  6. Department or grant funded requests - IT will generate a ticket and will follow up with user for more information before finalizing purchase
  7. E-mail confirmations will be sent each step of the process

Funding Sources for Ordering Equipment

IT has an online equipment request form which allows us to gather the appropriate information from you to request equipment for you or your department. There are two main ways equipment can be requested:

  1. Bond Measure H
    • No charge to your department
    • Current system must be at least 7 years old
    • Requests will be prioritized by IT using guidelines set by the Institutional Technology Group (ITG)
    • Bond funding is limited
    • ITG determines the standard specifications of the equipment
    • Typically, additional monitors are not included with a computer request; instead users will retain their current monitor
    • Requests for a Mac: Full-time faculty are eligible for Mac's (starting July 1, 2015), classified staff and administrators need to justify the use.
  2. Department or Grant
    • Charged to your department via your budget code with existing approval path
    • Computers can be requested with a monitor
    • IT sometimes has recertified desktops and monitors to help lower the cost of a departmental order

Computer Configurations

IT keeps some computer and monitor configurations in stock ready to deploy for bond, department, or grant funded requests. For department and grant funded requests, if these stock configurations aren't satisfactory, IT can help spec and quote alternative supportable configurations.

Printer Configurations

For printing and multifunction devices, IT has changed the way we handle purchasing and support of these devices.

Department or Grant Funding Object Codes

Please use the correct object code for your department or grant request. If you need to create and fund it, please contact Accounting to request the new code. Then submit a budget transfer via online Forms to fund the new code from another source. This process takes time; please plan accordingly.

Equipment for non-instructional (office/administrative) use

Price rangeObject Code
Over $500-6492.01

Equipment for instructional (classroom/lab) use

Price rangeObject Code
Over $500-6491.01

Software for Non-instructional (Office/Administrative) Use

Price rangeObject Code
Online or Download only-5690
$0-$200 or under 1yr shelf life-4342.00
$200+ or over 1yr shelf life-6342.01

Software for Instructional (Classroom/Lab) Use

Price rangeObject Code
Online or Download only-5690
$0-$200 or under 1yr shelf life-4341.00
$200+ or over 1yr shelf life-6431.01