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Barracuda Email Security Service Quarantine FAQ

What is Barracuda Email Security Service Quarantine?

Barracuda is a cloud-based anti-spam/anti-virus control service, which protects SRJC employee email accounts. Users can view and manage quarantined emails via most web browsers. 

How do I log into the Barracuda software to get quarantined email?

  1. go to https://ess.barracudanetworks.com
  2. Enter Username (same as SRJC email)
  3. Enter Password (same as SRJC email)

Will Barracuda notify me when an email gets quarantined?

End users are able to control whether or not they receive notifications about quarantined emails, as well as how often they receive notifications. To make adjustments to these settings, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Choose "Settings" > Choose "Quarantine Notification" > Change settings
  2. Under Quarantine Messages > Check "Yes" to allow the system to quarantine suspicious emails
  3. Under "Default Interval for user quarantine notifications" > Check "Scheduled" to turn on scheduled notifications
    • Set the notification frequency using the chart.
    • Note! If you do not want to receive quarantine messages, check "Never" to turn off scheduled notifications
  4. Click "Save Changes"

I received an email notification that shows I have an email that is quarantined, now what do I do?

The notification email provides you with a list of emails that have been quarantined since the last notification. Under the "Actions" column, you will see two options.

  1. Deliver - this option will deliver the selected email, but will not deliver future emails from the sender's email address.
  2. Whitelist - this option will deliver the selected email and whitelist the sender's email address, so that future emails from the individual sender should be delivered to your inbox.

If you wish to manage your quaratine settings, click the "Manage Quarantine" button.

How do I block an email address or domain?

Barracuda provides end users with the ability to block a single email address or an entire domain. Follow these steps to block messages:

  1. Within the "Message Log", click on a message from the sender you wish to block.
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to "Block"
  3. Choose whether you want to block that specific email address (i.e. "achan@extensis.com") or all emails from that domain address (i.e. "@extensis.com")

TIP! Use "Sender Policy", under "Settings" to manage which email and domain addresses are currently blocked, exempt and quarantined.