Department / Group Web Pages

Introduction to the SRJC website

The SRJC website is is built within the Drupa Content Management System (CMS), using the Zurb Foundation responsive front-end framework. Using Drupal and Foundation together has the following advantages:


  • Your content will look good on large desktop monitors, smaller laptop screens, tablets, and even mobile phones

Ease of use

  • Staff who create and update web pages for your department won't need to know Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS or JavaScript to publish and maintain content
  • Web pages can be more easily updated, indexed and searchable to allow students, the community, faculty and staff to more easily find things on our site

Consistent look and feel across the site

  • Five themes are available to choose from; the styles within these themes are set centrally so that sites look similar to one and another with less effort on the part of users

Support for greater web accessibility

  • Drupal was built to support and encourage proper use of semantic markup for accessibility - see Drupal's Accessibility page for more information
  • For more information on making your SRJC Drupal site as accessible as possible please visit our guide to Creating Accessible Drupal Sites
  • SRJC has a subscription to a Web Governance tool, Siteimprove, which will check for some accessibility compliance standards, as well as broken links and mispellings. Your site will be added to Siteimprove once it is completed

How do I create a new Drupal site?

Steps to creating your new Drupal site:

Step number1234567

Get trained if necessary

Determine site requirements

Decide on a theme

Request your new site

Review Web Accessibility tips before starting

Create your site!

Let Robert Thompson or Jim Goodenough know once your site is completed

Site is live!

More information

Drupal training page

Planning Your Drupal Website (pptx)

SRJC Drupal Themes

Site request form

Creating Accessible Drupal Sites page

Web developers are available who can do this for you for a fee - contact Robert Thompson for details

We have to optimize the site for search and add it to Siteimprove

See our page on Siteimprove

Check your Siteimprove reports for QA and Accessibility


Group sessions are run every two months

Self help resources are always available on the training page


Site should be ready no more than one week after you put the request in



3-4 days