Bond Measure Information

In 2002 and in 2014, Sonoma County passed bond Measures A and H, which provided funds for many infrastructure and technology projects at SRJC. For more general information about the most recent bond measure, visit the Bond Measure H website.

IT, through the recommendations of the Institutional Technology Group (ITG), has used a portion of these funds to purchase new and replacement equipment for the faculty and staff. The ITG has set up a process to request equipment funded by this bond.

Order Equipment & Check Status Online

Visit ServiceDesk Plus for IT Purchasing to request equipment and view your equipment request status.

Bond Request Process

  1. User fills out and submits form
  2. User and supervisor will be E-mailed with a confirmation
  3. The supervisor must approve requests and is given the option to add notes
  4. All requests are then reviewed by IT
  5. Bond Measure A requests - will be reviewed by IT regularly. Tickets will be created for prioritized systems
  6. Requests for a Mac funded through the Bond will go through some additional steps:
    1. The bond will fund a Mac if a user can justify the use of a Mac for instructional purposes - i.e. is a Mac the only tool that can be used to do the job - there is no software available on Windows to perform the same job
    2. If the user cannot justify the instructional need for a Mac, an appeal form is built into the request process that requires the department to approve the use of departmental funds to cover the cost difference.
  7. Department or grant funded requests - IT will generate a ticket and will follow up with user for more information before finalizing purchase
  8. E-mail confirmations will be sent each step of the process

General Approval Checklist

The ITG uses several factors to determine if a replacement computer will be prioritized. These are just a few of the many factors that are used.

  • Current system is at least seven years old
  • Current system is unable to perform the job duties as required
  • Departmental environment or teaching methods have changed to warrant different and/or new technology
  • Requests for a Mac require either: justified instructional use (i.e. is a Mac the only tool that can be used to do the job? - there is no software available on Windows to perform the same job) OR departmental funding to cover the additional cost of a Mac (requires user to complete the included appeal portion of the form)

Prioritized Descriptions

Approved Computers

Approved computers will be ordered, processed, inventoried, and imaged. Therefore, it can still be up to several months before the computers will be available for installation.

Non-prioritized Computers

Non-prioritized will continue to remain in the list to be reviewed in the future. At this time, these systems are not prioritized to receive a replacement. The reason could be attributed to age of the current system, institutional need, job position and responsibilities, lack of information, or other reasons. For more information as to why a system was not prioritized, contact the ITG group by E-mailing Dan Exelby at

Recertified Computers

For requests where the user has specified a recertified computer, a ticket will be generated to have a Network Technician assess the current computer and IT's stock of older, but functional, computers to determine if a recertified computer will be a viable replacement for the current system.

Current Configurations

In 2011, due to budget constraints, IT has started to scale back on the configurations that are ordered. For example, until further notice, IT is no longer ordering new monitors. Instead, current flat panel displays attached to users' current systems or recertified flat panel displays in stock will be used. Additionally, screen sizes and configurations of laptop computers will also be scaled back. Changes to configurations are subject to approval by the Vice President that represents each user's department.

Visit the Measure A Bond Oversight Committee SharePoint Website