Windows 10 is coming to a workstation near YOU!

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 9:15am

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As most of you know, Windows 7 is old, and nearing end-of-life.  This means no more updates, and no more security patches.

This is very bad news for our District’s security posture!


The Mighty, Mighty IT Department is busily upgrading our Windows workstations (PCs) to Windows 10, plus additional security baked into the new PC setup.

The IT Help Desk (if it hasn’t happened already) will be contacting users of IT-managed Windows 7 PCs SOON, to arrange the upgrades.


Here are some ways you can prep for this upgrade:

  • If you don’t have an X Drive (a networked drive, where you can store files in a location outside your local computer), request one from the Help Desk by opening a ticket;
  • Once you get an X Drive, copy all the files you want to save from your PC to your X Drive (Alternatively, back up your files to One Drive, File Depot, a USB stick – somewhere safe, secure, and off your computer);
  • Copy any downloads, videos, browser favorites to your backup location (each browser has a Help section that will tell you how to import and export favorite links);


By doing all the above you will speed up the process, help us improve security, and save work for the Help Desk personnel.


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Security is a team sport!


If we all work together we can protect our school, our students and ourselves.


Thank you for your attention, and for your help keeping our data and personal information safe!