November CSN - Web Security

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 10:33am

Welcome to the November edition of the Cyber Security Monthly Newsletter!


For this month I chose – WEB SECURITY!


Image result for be alertOne of the many ways that bad actors try to fool you into giving away information is by tricking you into visiting their website.

· One way is by creating a web address (URL) that looks very much like a common website (i.e. vs  Then, when you hit their site, it’s set up to look like a legitimate site, which will ask for your personal or financial information.

· These links are usually found in phishing emails (see all my other monthly newsletters for further info).

· If you have any doubts, simply go directly to the destination website yourself, rather than clicking on a link.

· No legitimate entity will ask you for your username, password, credit card – if they do, be wary, alert, and skeptical!

· Hey – this turned into a phishing newsletter after all!

· does a nice job of explaining fake URLs/websites.

· Also, look at Scroll down to the “Web Browsing” section – or, better yet, read it all!

· A final word – it’s spam season! While not necessarily malicious, the sheer volume of junk emails vying for your attention can lead to feeling overwhelmed – which can lead to mistakes.  We try to filter out as much spam as possible, but some will get through.  If you are not sure if an email or website is legitimate, contact the Help Desk.


Security is a team sport! kids playing tug of war


If we all work together, we can protect our school, our students, and ourselves.


Thank you for your attention, and your help keeping our data and personal information safe!