Network & Application Status

03:12 PM Mon Apr 27 PDT - Status of Networks and Applications

Network Status

Connections Status Since
Internet UP Internet is UP 09:14 AM Thu Apr 02 PDT
Petaluma Campus UP Petaluma Campus is UP 07:31 PM Thu Dec 04 PST

Application Status

Applications Status Since
Campus Web UP Campus Web is UP 08:36 PM Thu Apr 02 PDT
Distance Education UP Distance Education is UP 03:19 AM Sun Apr 26 PDT
Outlook Email UP Outlook Email is UP 06:36 PM Thu Apr 02 PDT
Outlook Web Access Email UP Outlook Web Access Email is UP 06:34 PM Thu Apr 02 PDT
SRJC-myCubby UP SRJC-myCubby is UP 07:46 AM Tue Jun 10 PDT
Student Web UP Student Web is UP 07:21 AM Tue Apr 21 PDT
Student Shell UP Student Shell is UP 09:11 AM Thu Apr 02 PDT

About the Network & Application Status Page

Reports occur every two minutes. Your web browser should refresh every minute.
There is a two minute time lag between data collection and the creation of this web page.

Sometimes a machine may not report back while under a heavy load and may be marked as "DOWN".
Please allow an additional 15 minutes after the time in the "Since" column before reporting a problem.