Network & Application Status

02:50 AM Wed May 04 PDT - Status of Networks and Applications

Network Status

Connections Status Since
Internet UP Internet is UP 12:01 AM Fri Mar 18 PDT
Petaluma Campus UP Petaluma Campus is UP 01:33 PM Wed Apr 27 PDT

Application Status

Applications Status Since
Campus Web UP Campus Web is UP 01:41 PM Fri Apr 15 PDT
Distance Education UP Distance Education is UP 05:31 PM Fri Apr 08 PDT
Outlook Email UP Outlook Email is UP 12:49 PM Wed Apr 27 PDT
Outlook Web Access Email UP Outlook Web Access Email is UP 12:51 PM Wed Apr 27 PDT
SRJC-myCubby UP SRJC-myCubby is UP 12:13 PM Fri Mar 25 PDT
Student Web UP Student Web is UP 12:49 PM Wed Apr 27 PDT
Student Shell UP Student Shell is UP 12:52 PM Wed Apr 27 PDT

About the Network & Application Status Page

Reports occur every two minutes. Your web browser should refresh every minute.
There can be several minutes time lag between data collection and the creation of this web page.

Sometimes a machine may not report back while under a heavy load and may be marked as "DOWN".
Please allow an additional 15 minutes after the time in the "Since" column before reporting a problem.